Credit is King

  On September 8th, the second largest credit bureau in the world, Equifax, reported to the public that its digital security was compromised and that the personal information of millions – possibly in the range of 140-150 million – was stolen. As the details slowly emerge and we learn more about what, or who, may … Continued

The Story Behind The Spreadsheet

What is your relationship with money? What role does money play in your day to day life? What is your experience with money? These are some of the thoughts I had while reading Carl Richards article, “The Dual Roles of Money.” Carl defines money in our lives in two ways. The first role is: “money … Continued

What Luxury Clubs Taught Me about Small Business Development

When my career started a little over 12 years ago, everything was new to me. Nobody taught me how to tie a tie (except YouTube), how to appropriately participate in a meeting, how to have a good handshake, and how to act properly at fancy chicken dinners (I still think of Pretty Woman when I … Continued