How well do you KNOW YOUR CITY? We're not just talking about being able to navigate through your neighborhood without using google maps or knowing where the best restaurants are—these things are important, but cities offer so much more! Join us as we talk to some really interesting and cool people doing good work in the fields of policy, advocacy, community development, and more. Our goal is to highlight the amazing work happening in cities and to celebrate the leaders that are making it happen.


08: Maria Cabildo – The Planning of East LA, Building Community and Creating Leaders

Maria Cabildo, the “Patron Saint of Boyle Heights,” joins us to discuss how she first learned about Urban Planning, her experiences in founding the East LA Community Corporation, and how she raised $5k to bring Cesar Chavez to Columbia University.

07: Jacqueline Waggoner – Homelessness, Capital, and Reminding Angelenos About Their Beaches

Jacqueline Waggoner, VP and Market Leader for the Southern California Market of Enterprise Community Partners, joins us to discuss how Los Angeles can (and will) end homelessness, why communities of color need access to capital, the privilege of housing, and the weird fact that Angelenos rarely go to their beaches.

06: Linda Griego – LA’s Uprising, Women in Politics, and Equitable Economic Development

Linda Griego joins us to talk about her experiences in helping rebuild Los Angeles after the 1992 LA Uprising, being the first woman to run for Mayor of Los Angeles, and shares with us some of the most important lessons she learned about civic engagement and urban planning from her childhood in New Mexico.

05: Clare Fox – The Good Food Movement, Our Precarious Food System, and Racism in Food

Clare Fox, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Food Policy Council, joins us to talk about how we’re a couple of catastrophes away from starving, how race and food are connected, and why the food justice movement is hitting amazing strides.

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04: mark! Lopez – A Family History of Organizing, Global Recognition, and Operating Through Consent

mark! Lopez, Executive Director of East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, joins us to talk about the environmental challenges decision makers often ignore, running a flat organization, and gaining global recognition as a leader in the environmental justice movement.

For more information on East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice, and to support their work, please visit: and to watch mark!’s Goldman Environmental Prize acceptance speech click here.

Also, this episode includes a special intro for LURN’s end-of-year donor drive. If you want to support our work, please visit

03: Romel Pascual & Tafarai Bayne- Mobility, CicLAvia, and Seeing LA Through Non-Automobile Glasses

Romel Pascual and Tafarai Bayne, our CicLAvia friends, stop by to talk about the changing landscape of mobility in Los Angeles. We learn why they believe Ciclavia is more than the sum of its total bike rides and how the city transforms before your very eyes as soon you experience it outside of your car.

02: Jorge Madrid- How and Why the Energy Revolution Can’t Be Stopped

On this episode of KNOW YOUR CITY, our friend Jorge Madrid, from the Environmental Defense Fund, joins us and talks about the environment, his connection to Van Jones and why we need more people of color talking about climate change.

01: Maria Elena Durazo- Organizing for Good and Confronting Social Injustice

On this episode of KNOW YOUR CITY, we talk to Maria Elena Durazo! Join us as we learn more about what inspired Maria to become the leader she is today and how she thinks we need to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

00: What the heck is LURN?

Introducing KNOW YOUR CITY! In this episode, we do our best to explain what LURN is and who we are. We talk about how the name “LURN” was chosen and dive deep into some of our work and why we’re passionate about what we do. Oh, and we also explain why we decided to start this podcast. Have a listen!

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