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Los Angeles and San Francisco: Reflections on the “New” Economy

Last month, I attended the book launch of Michael Storper’s The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from San Francisco and Los Angeles. Professor Storper presented his extensive research and findings to a small crowd of students, faculty and other urbanist nerds. Paired with an op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times a few … Continued

“Rent-Seeking” Los Angeles

Does Los Angeles have a “rent seeking” problem? No, I’m not referring to the many, critical housing issues of Los Angeles. In this case, “rent,” refers to “economic rent,” which is income gained through fabricated conditions of exclusivity. For example, if a gardener is willing to work for $12 per hour, but makes $15 per … Continued

The Difference between My Taquero and Tory Burch

No matter what neighborhood you come from, you see entrepreneurs at work everywhere. From your mom selling those delicious tamales to your brother fixing cars at his own home; entrepreneurs surround us. So, what distinguishes the entrepreneurs we see from the Tory Burch’s of the world? In a recent article, “Entrepreneurs don’t have a special … Continued

What Luxury Clubs Taught Me about Small Business Development

When my career started a little over 12 years ago, everything was new to me. Nobody taught me how to tie a tie (except YouTube), how to appropriately participate in a meeting, how to have a good handshake, and how to act properly at fancy chicken dinners (I still think of Pretty Woman when I … Continued